Joy is relative. Different for everyone it beholds. It’s unique in its own way, neither right nor wrong, hot nor cold, sweet nor bitter.

Joy is personal. It’s something you have to feel for yourself; nobody can feel it for you and nobody can give you theirs.

Joy is bold. Makes the rules as it goes, bows to no one. It is an exotic creature in itself with mysterious ways. The moment you stop trying to understand it, only then will it open up to you. You are submissive to it. You cannot hold it in chains; you must set it free. Let it reveal to you its ability and it’s potential.

Joy is power. it’s a glorious flame which flourishes and flows in complete synch. Every subtle, smooth movement with a larger purpose. It can be harnessed but never controlled. It pulls you into its current.

Joy is harmony. it exists in the moments where everything fits together in a perfect click and everything in the dark remains unknown but you make peace with this and can bask the warm light above.

Joy is everywhere, eternal, everlasting, encompassing. In the deepest depths of distorting darkness, lies a microscopic spark of blinding light… joy is hope. Joy is the tunnel transporting at the speed of light out of the pit in which you lie to a brighter more beautiful paradise.

Joy is fickle, it’s momentary. Held in a minute, second, millisecond of intense warmth and serenity.

Joy is slippery, slipping through your fingers; like a firefly in your hands, so small, so tender. Lying in your palm. Vulnerable yet powerful. Its light streams through your fingers and no matter how hard you try, you cant conceal it.

December 2022
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