Life’s Mysteries

Life’s mysteries keep us all so anxious to see what tomorrow holds; to see where our individual tangled paths may take us. Within the brightness of day and through the shadows of night, we journey unaware of the surprises that life will bring forth.

There is a sort of magic to it all, for darkness may brighten with the flip of a switch. Just as the brightness may dim. As human beings, we are always too eager to know when and where the next light switch may be so that we can prepare ourselves, but there is no way of knowing. Unless we make peace with this fact, we will always try unlock all of life’s mysteries. We will do so out of fear and out of uncertainty of what may come to be. Yet, while trying to uncover what is to be, we do not stop to realize the power we already posses to venture within and discover the beauty that already exists in the now.

Though it may seem to be so, being aware of what may come is not as enriching as you would think because, when you know what the future holds, you are then unable to live in the moment freely. You are also drained of the excitement and curiosity of what may come. It would lead to a sort of monotony in life. So go where the wind takes you and just BE… we are, after all,  Human BEINGS.

May 2024
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