Our Future

What does our future hold as a human race? What can we hope for and what is inevitable? Will technology take us farther from our humanity or will it continue to bring about solutions to the problems of our society? Will it make us drift apart or bring us together? Will our innate greed get the better of us as more luxuries are introduced? Will we finally become more united as a world? Will we ever achieve world peace? It’s hard to tell what will happen; even with all the technology we have, we still cannot see the future. All we can do is observe the present. When I look at humanity today I see innovation and vision. But I also see greed and violence. I think that since World War I and the introduction of mass destruction technology, we’ve become increasingly insensitive to violence and brutality. We’ve gotten used to seeing it as a part of life. But it’s not. The misconception that every country stands on its own is wrong. We were once all part of one large land mass called Pangea. We were meant to be ONE human race, not defined by borders.   Many people say...

People not property

School is over and summer is rolling in so it’s time to make some fun plans. This summer I am going to Mombasa, Kenya with a group of teens my age from all over the world to experience firsthand the developing world’s issues and to create solutions for the problems that exist there. One of the main problems that has improved only slightly in the past few decades and is quite overlooked is the treatment of women in the third world. This is a quite overlooked topic because it is seemingly “fixed” in America but even this statement that we have accepted as fact is an altered reality. We are all oblivious to the true facts; even I didn’t realize the level of discrimination there was toward women until recently. This is why we must educate ourselves instead of accepting what others say as fact. 50 million girls and women in India alone have been murdered because of the huge and growing discrimination in the area. This was made clear to me through the documentary Petals in the Dust and then again during the 2016 Global Issues Summit that we have been overlooking the measure of female discrimination there actually...

June 2024
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