Guest Blogger: Riziki

I’d like to introduce you all to Riziki. She is 15 years old and is in 9th grade. She lives in Mombasa, Kenya so she has really unique viewpoints on many issues. Riziki wants to be a journalist but her friends and family want her to become a teacher so I offered to give her a platform on my blog to express herself. I will try to post a journal every one to two weeks. Please comment with your thoughts!!

Garissa Attack

It was on Monday morning when the residents of Garissa were shocked to be woken up by gun shots that were heard everywhere. It was said that thieves had tried to break down a near by hotel so that they could elude with some money. Fortunately, the police caught the thief and he is now detained.

Obama’s Tour In Kenya

The most awaited person arrived in Kenya in a colorful manner that filled the heart of Kenya full of happiness. He was welcomed with a prayer and then welcomed in the state house. He has supper with the president of Kenya. He enjoyed his tour in Kenya and he wished to come back again.

The Welcoming of Pope Francis in Kenya

It was on Thursday Morning when the people of Kenya had gathered along the road anxiously waiting for the guest of honor that the people pf Kenya were eager to see. He arrived and he was welcomed with open arms. They marched to the state house. Pope Francis’ trip to Kenya changed the lives of all the Christians and he also prayed for peace in Kenya.

Zoe’s Tour in Kenya

The most awaited person that was waited for by the students of Irshad Madrasa had arrived. She was welcomed with open arms. she was taken to the office and was allowed to say her missions on how she would help our school. she spoke out and we were glad she helped us and taught us how to pass our exams. She made for us a playground and she still wants to lend a hand on us. The students of Irshad are very thankful.

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