Love Yourself

judgingPeople will criticize you. We’ve all experienced it. It’s just a part of being human and living in this world. But you can’t let it get to you. You have to stick to the person you know you are and what you believe in. When people judge you, it’s usually because of an issue within themselves; they need to feel better about their own imperfections by pointing out yours. Let’s face it, everybody has them; we are human and we make mistakes and we aren’t perfect so judging just masks your own imperfections. It is important that we know that what others say does not define who we are. Only we can decide who we are.
The worst punishment in life is having to doubt yourself or feeling that you just aren’t good enough. Nobody deserves to feel like they aren’t good enough for somebody else. You don’t need to seek the validation of others; it honestly doesn’t even matter what others think because only you can really know yourself in ways others cannot. It’s not easy either way but the world can be a harsh place with even harsher inhabitants and if you let the world define you, you are letting in a surge of unnecessary pain that you should not bring upon yourself. If somebody doesn’t like you and doesn’t try to get to know you, that shows their closed mindedness and that’s not your problem. You just happened to get in their fire zone. Words hurt. I won’t say they don’t because I would be lying. It’s hard to block it all out and have so much self-assuredness not to ponder over what others say.
If you find you are searching for yourself, the answer is as close as your bathroom mirror. Look at the person you see and get to know THAT person. Get to know who you really are on a much deeper level because only then can you TRULY love yourself and see the stunning beauty of God’s creation.
And it is scary to get to know yourself because you fear that you might prove what other people label you or say about you as right. Well, I find that this is never the case because a label is just something you hold up whether you know of it or not. I believe that everyone is beautiful if you get to know them and they are born to be beautiful but the paradox is that every part may not be beautiful on its own. Only when you put every part of a person, whether big or small together can you really get to know them realize their true beauty. I believe that only they can get to know themselves on that level because we have lived through every bit of ourself and created who we are and nobody else can truly understand us on this level. Not that nobody can ever truly know and love you; others see pieces of beauty and goodness but never can see and experience fully the whole story and entirety of you. This is why once you get to know every piece of yourself firsthand, all that you will be able to see is the stunning beauty of God’s creation.

April 2024
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