True Courage

Through this battle, I have seen what True Courage looks like. True Courage is not denying the cards you have been dealt. Rather, it is knowing that you can still win a game with a bad hand. And when the odds are not in your favor, you keep moving, knowing there are still things you can control. True Courage is surrender and it is resilience: it is surrendering to what you cannot control, and it is the resolve to take control of your destiny, which is still in your hands. It is coming to peace with your circumstances and learning to rise from the ashes. True Courage exists in moments of weakness: moments where it seems the whole world is falling apart; moments where you have reached your breaking point and are so close to giving up. These are the moments when True Courage can be seen most clearly, because True Courage exists in the ability to take another step when you have hit rock bottom. True Courage is when the human will overpowers the fear of defeat. True Courage is not short-lived… it is a constant flame which does not die out, no matter what forces flood it. It...

There Is Always Hope

Some people can point to a day in their lives and say that’s the day my life changed but you never know your live’s about to change until it hits you. Like a punch in the gut. And theres no way to prepare yourself because theres no way to know what tomorrow holds. Because as steve jobs once said, you can only connect the dots in your life looking backward. And because every single day begins as just another day and yet Every single day has the potential to be life altering. Change represents the thread of the fabric of our lives. Its unavoidable so why are we so resistant and afraid of change? Of what we can’t control in life? And why do we try so hard to predict what will happen with statistics that claim to know the future when we really know no nothing, no matter how much we guess, theres no way of knowing what tomorrow holds. That any assumption we make is in the end just a shot in the dark and that anything can happen. The irony of this, however, is the balance. Life is made out of balance. light and dark, hot and...

Just Another Day.

Just another day. Just another breath. Another chance. Another day to laugh. Another day to cry. Waking up every morning thinking. Its just another day. nothing to be afraid of. and there will always be tomorrow. To heal. Heal from the wounds of today. And brace for the wounds of tomorrow. But healing takes time And with each new day wounds are renewed. And those which aren’t healed Deepen. Become more visible. Darken. Begin to define you. And sometimes these wounds become scars. And you reach the point where you’re too damaged to heal. And any attempt leads to disappointment.



When life gives you lemons you make lemonade… you don’t complain about not having enough oranges, or apples, or bananas, or any other fruit for that matter. You savor the lemons you’ve been given because the next person may not have any. Make the best of what you’ve been given and consciously choose to every day focus on what you do have instead of what what you don’t. This is what I’ve learned the past few months. No matter how hard it gets, gratefulness will be your savior. Gratefulness is the force that keeps your head up and eyes looking forward. Gratefulness is hope for a better tomorrow. There will always be something to be grateful for. No matter where you are in life or what you feel life has taken from you, you can always decide to focus on what you do have. And if nothing else, you have this moment. This breath. This day. “Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.” I believe my dad has always had this strength inside of him but has not had enough reason to use it. This experience was God revealing how much my dad is really capable of and...


One thing we’ve learned the past few months is that we never really know how strong we can be unless and until our strength is put to the test. Maybe God gives us hardship to show us our own strength. All I know is I’ve been blessed to see my dad’s unbelievable strength now that I’ve never seen this way before. We are all constantly pushed to our limits and then some in order to not only get through this difficult time but also come out victorious. Every day presents a new challenge that we must tackle head on and every day we wake up stronger for it. We wake up wiser, more grateful human beings. So I’m done asking why because every time I do, I find a million reasons why this experience has been valuable to us as a family. And although sometimes it seems the reasoning doesn’t justify what we have to go through every day, it is a reason no less.

July 2024
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