There Is Always Hope

Some people can point to a day in their lives and say that’s the day my life changed but you never know your live’s about to change until it hits you. Like a punch in the gut. And theres no way to prepare yourself because theres no way to know what tomorrow holds. Because as steve jobs once said, you can only connect the dots in your life looking backward. And because every single day begins as just another day and yet Every single day has the potential to be life altering. Change represents the thread of the fabric of our lives. Its unavoidable so why are we so resistant and afraid of change? Of what we can’t control in life? And why do we try so hard to predict what will happen with statistics that claim to know the future when we really know no nothing, no matter how much we guess, theres no way of knowing what tomorrow holds. That any assumption we make is in the end just a shot in the dark and that anything can happen. The irony of this, however, is the balance. Life is made out of balance. light and dark, hot and cold, push and pull. Where there is tragedy, there are miracles. The chances of improving in ALS are similar to the chances of actually contracting the disease in the first place. So if we beat the odds already, whats to say it can’t happen again? Chance is an illusion. There is always hope, even if the chance for success is 0%. There is always hope.

June 2024
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