Our Future

What does our future hold as a human race? What can we hope for and what is inevitable? Will technology take us farther from our humanity or will it continue to bring about solutions to the problems of our society? Will it make us drift apart or bring us together? Will our innate greed get the better of us as more luxuries are introduced? Will we finally become more united as a world? Will we ever achieve world peace? It’s hard to tell what will happen; even with all the technology we have, we still cannot see the future. All we can do is observe the present. When I look at humanity today I see innovation and vision. But I also see greed and violence.

I think that since World War I and the introduction of mass destruction technology, we’ve become increasingly insensitive to violence and brutality. We’ve gotten used to seeing it as a part of life. But it’s not. The misconception that every country stands on its own is wrong. We were once all part of one large land mass called Pangea. We were meant to be ONE human race, not defined by borders.   Many people say that world peace is impossible at this point in time and that the world has gone too far down this path of violence to turn back. However, the irony is that this belief may be the reason why. If people believe that world peace is impossible, they will consider violence as something we cannot change about life. The solution is unity; uniting as many individuals under a desire for peace. Once more people believe in the possibility of peace, we will achieve it.

There was a time when we weren’t separated by social class and people weren’t judged by what they had or didn’t have. There was also a time when we weren’t constantly wanting more; we were grateful for what we did have. It seems that we are slowly losing this mindset and greed is consuming us. Most of us don’t ever take the time to recognize all that we have and appreciate our lives because, no matter how much hardship we have in our lives, there is always something to be thankful for. If we continue to live out of greed, we will move backwards and our future will be worse.

Sometimes, thinking about the future is scary but we can also see the future as a hope of becoming greater.

July 2024
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