What a Wonderful World

What generates passion? What inspires motivation? Does it come exclusively from within or exclusively from your environment?


The world is beautiful; at least in the way it is supposed to be seen. The natural world was meant to be enjoyed, to be marveled at. It is not economically or geographically specific; we all look at the same sky. There is beauty in everything: simplicity, complexity, in the tropics, in the desert, and even in the smallest, most overlooked corner of our world, there exists magnificent beauty. It opens itself up to those who open themselves up to it. To it’s incredible power.

The purpose of its beauty, I believe, is to stimulate passion, to inspire love, to physically reflect the beautiful, abstract emotions we feel. To make them more real. To make them seem possible.

In the end, however, we see what we allow ourselves to see; whether it be opportunity or void. There are many lenses through which to look at life. Not only do you look through a different lens than the people around you but often, you see through a different lens than yourself. Yourself from a different time. In a different state of mind.

The world is prepared to present opportunity and possibility on a silver platter. The question really becomes: will you chose to accept this gift or discredit it completely? Your relationship with the universe and with nature should be a two way street. You must give a little. A little faith.

In catastrophe, in unforgiving circumstances, there lies opportunity; an opportunity to seek strength. From yourself and from others. To find hope in the most uncommon places.

Therein lies a search, a quest for new sources of beauty and hope. In hard times, these are often near impossible to identify and often present themselves with more beauty than otherwise. And though they may be hard to find, they still exist, extraordinary and beautiful. Because life moves on, whether you move with it or not.

Therein lies sparks which cannot ignite without friction. A chance to grow from nothing, to become again.

And once you come out, you come out stronger. you have acquired more strength and seen more beauty. You are now more able to face whatever comes your way. You will be able to harness life more fully. And you will have been reborn in more ways than one.

But this newer, stronger version of yourself is deeper. Is closer to your full potential. Not so much into yourself, but outward into the world. You are deeper into life.

December 2022
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