Thank God for the little things; The little things which keep us all on our toes; For the little goosebumps in life that leave us besides ourselves in wonder.   Thank God for the sunrise; Giving hope to a brand new day; A brand new beginning.   Thank God for the big things; When a normal day on the surface turns into something magnificent; Something that reminds us what it is to be alive.   Thank God for tears; Tears of joy of sadness of relief which allow us to feel; To feel what sits in the depths of our souls as it bursts out like water through a dam, With power; with truth.   Thank God for moments; A moment, fleeting in its value, but precious no less; The way subtle beauty in life reveals itself in the most uncanny of circumstances.   Thank God for the unknown; That which stirs curiosity in us and leaves us looking for what all remains a mystery in life. And even though we always are seeking, we will never discover all the mysteries, Because they are meant to stay hidden.   Thank God for the clarity found in the dark; The way...

Everything Changes

Life is fickle. In a split second, everything can change, in the first cry of a baby, in a last breath. I’d like to think there’s a reason. A method to the madness. That every winding path is meant for a destination. But I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I guess that’s why they call it hope. And not truth.   In life, there is intense happiness, intense warmth, intense love. There is also intense sadness, intense anger, intense pain. It makes up the balance of the universe. We cannot have one without the other. Sometimes, I think I’d rather not have either side. That I’d rather live in the middle. But now, I know that that is not living. Because in every intense moment of pain, there is a newfound appreciation of every intense moment of love. In every intense moment of fear, there is a new reason for hope. So yes, I do believe there’s a reason. No matter how small or how large. There is a method to the madness.


Our Future

What does our future hold as a human race? What can we hope for and what is inevitable? Will technology take us farther from our humanity or will it continue to bring about solutions to the problems of our society? Will it make us drift apart or bring us together? Will our innate greed get the better of us as more luxuries are introduced? Will we finally become more united as a world? Will we ever achieve world peace? It’s hard to tell what will happen; even with all the technology we have, we still cannot see the future. All we can do is observe the present. When I look at humanity today I see innovation and vision. But I also see greed and violence. I think that since World War I and the introduction of mass destruction technology, we’ve become increasingly insensitive to violence and brutality. We’ve gotten used to seeing it as a part of life. But it’s not. The misconception that every country stands on its own is wrong. We were once all part of one large land mass called Pangea. We were meant to be ONE human race, not defined by borders.   Many people say...


This is a sunny mountain trail...

The most exciting thing about life is the hidden potential of it. However, it is just as easily the saddest thing when we are not able to capture it fully. Someone can live their entire life without completely harnessing the ocean of possibility. In fact maybe that’s the point: we are given on a silver platter anything and everything we should ever need to do what we aspire but we are completely unaware of it. We all are placed on this earth for a reason. We are supposed to be someone, a part of something. A piece of a puzzle, a drop in the ocean. There are a little over 7 billion people in the world today but every single of of us are completely unique and have our own place in the world. We each have our own larger purpose but many of us go through our whole life not knowing what it is. We have to search within to find our path; what makes us stand out from the rest. But the hardest part of this is blindly following this path. This is what people refer to as following your heart. Your sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch cannot...

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